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State of Play Webinar: Cannabis Regulatory Landscape

VP of Regulatory Affairs Holly Bell, COO Jason Warnock and President, CEO & Chairman of the Board Luis Merchan will explore the nuances of working within the global cannabis regulatory framework. The discussion will include an overview of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for Flora and other cannabis companies working in the United States, Colombia and other global markets, and the importance of working closely with government entities.

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  • Bill Bowes
    Posted May 27, 2022 at 7:38 am

    I serendipitously found Flora via the today’s Morning Brew e-newsletter, which led me to this presentation. Very informative for someone newly interested in the cannabis space, and exciting times for anyone with a passion for navigating complicated regulatory regimes internationally and anyone who would like to see natural alternatives to proverbial Big Pharma. Thank you. I wish you all continued success and I look forward to following Team Flora’s progress.

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